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We all saw the results of the 2000 American election. This time, I'm personally going to fight back in the only way that I can, with a blog that documents as many news reports about Democrat fraud as I can.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ticket to ride - Greater Milwaukee Today, Online News for You!

Milwaukee’s mayor and election commission director are getting the 938,000 ballots they demanded. That’s nearly 700,000 more than the number of people who voted four years ago and 550,000 more - or 268 percent - than the number of registered voters in the city. When Milwaukee County originally proposed giving the city "only" 679,000 ballots - or 180 percent more than the number of registered voters - Gov. Jim Doyle demanded a state investigation and asked if "voter suppression" was going on.

Waukesha County officials recently announced that municipalities will be given 15 percent more ballots than the number of registered voters. How come Doyle hasn’t raised any questions about "voter suppression" there? In Doyle’s world, giving a Democratic area 180 percent more ballots than voters is "suppression" but providing only 15 percent more ballots than voters in a Republican area is not suppression.


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