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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

TCS: Tech Central Station - The Attack on One Man That Was Bigger Than the Clash of Civilizations

An American serviceman was ambushed last month. This ambush was especially noteworthy because it did not occur in Iraq or Afghanistan; it occurred within the borders of the United States. PFC Foster Barton, recipient of the Purple Heart, was on a two-week leave, recuperating from injuries sustained while on duty in Iraq. While leaving a concert in Columbus, Ohio, he was attacked. According to a local television report, his attacker reportedly 'was screaming profanities and making crude remarks about U.S. soldiers.'

I suspect that PFC Barton does not want to be part of any larger story or lesson about the war on terrorism. He is, most likely, a soldier who wants to do his job well, carry out his mission, and protect his buddies as best he can. However, a soldier does not always pick the battles in which he is involved. Circumstance has placed PFC Barton front-and-center of the war that transcends even the 'clash of civilizations.' Foster Barton was attacked by the common enemy of all civilizations.

Within every society, everywhere in the world, there exist individuals willing to use violence to get what they want. Saddam Hussein terrorized the Iraqi people to make himself rich and powerful. Foster Barton's attacker terrorized an American soldier to make himself feel good. They may not be linked by a common command-and-control structure or political ideology, but they are certainly linked by common, warped view of humanity. They share the belief that they are free, whenever they can get away with it, to make others the object of their violence. The current war against the network of dictators and terrorists, even more fundamental than a clash of civilizations, is a part of civilized society's ongoing stand against violence-for-personal-gain-and-fulfillment. The attack against Foster Barton was part of that same war.


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